Published submissions

Submissions for the NLAP Review have now closed.

If you have any questions, please Thank you.

Where consent has been provided, submissions received are published below.

All submissions have been prepared independently and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Independent Reviewer.

HJA letter to Reviewer Dr Mundy August 2023.pdf
HJA Annotated Bibliography.pdf
2023 Law Access Submission on the NLAP review.pdf
Australian Pro Bono Centre.pdf
Townsville Community Law.pdf
Aboriginal Family Legal Service Western Australia - Response to Issues Paper.pdf
Legal Aid NSW Submission.pdf
FWCLC Ltd. Submission to NLAP review.pdf
Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department.pdf
4Rs Network.pdf
Brimbank Melton CLC.pdf
Darwin CLS.pdf
Access to Justice & Technology Network.pdf
Environmental Defenders Office.pdf
Far West CLC.pdf
RSL Australia.pdf
Circle Green Community Legal.pdf
Economic Justice Australia.pdf
Toongabbie Legal Centre.pdf
Department of Justice TAS.pdf
Victoria Law Foundation.pdf
ACT Government.pdf
Transparency International.pdf
YFS Legal.pdf
Tenants' Union of NSW.pdf
Street Law Centre WA Inc.pdf
SNAICC Submission to NLAP Review 2023.pdf
National Joint Submission on Disaster Response.pdf
National Indigenous Australians Agency.pdf
Law Institute of Victoria.pdf
Law and Justice Foundation of NSW.pdf
Inner City LC.pdf
Federation of CLCs Victoria.pdf
FCA Submission re NLAP.pdf
Department of Veterans Affairs Submission to the Independent Review of the National Legal Assistance Partnership.pdf
Commonwealth Ombudsman.pdf
CLC Australia.pdf
Australian Pro Bono Centre.pdf
ADO NLAP Review Submission 20231106.pdf
Victoria Legal Aid.pdf
South Australian Attorney-General's Department - Submission to the National Legal Assistance Partnership Review Issues Paper.pdf
Tasmania Legal Aid.pdf
Northern Territory Department of the Attorney-General and Justice NLAP Review Submission.pdf
NATSILS Submission to the NLAP Review Final (public).pdf
Addendum - NATSILS submission to the NLAP Review FINAL.pdf